About Us - Everything You Need To Know

We are a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about transforming your ideas into solid, lasting structures. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, we have become the go-to choice for concrete projects of all sizes.

About Us

Whether you’re planning a residential project or a commercial venture, our expertise covers it all. From stamped concrete driveways to intricate decorative concrete work, we have the skills and equipment to deliver stunning results that stand the test of time. We understand that concrete work can be complex, which is why we provide comprehensive services that encompass design, installation, and maintenance. Our team is dedicated to using the latest techniques and the best materials to ensure your project’s success. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to make your vision a reality.

About Matthew Bush

Matthew Bush, the founder and owner of Concrete Contractors York PA, is a true expert in the world of concrete construction. With a passion for quality craftsmanship and an eye for detail, Matthew has been a driving force behind our success.

Matthew’s journey in the concrete industry began decades ago when he worked as a laborer on construction sites. 

Matthew Bush

His hands-on experience and dedication to mastering the craft led him to establish this company, aiming to provide the York community with exceptional concrete services. His vision is to create not just structures but enduring works of art, and that commitment is the foundation of our company’s ethos.

Jennifer Eckert

Jennifer Eckert is an integral part of our team. With a background in project management and a keen eye for project coordination, she ensures that your project progresses seamlessly from start to finish. Her attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills make her an invaluable asset to our company.

Jennifer Eckert

George Olsen

George Olsen is the backbone of our technical team. With extensive knowledge of concrete materials and cutting-edge technology, he ensures that our projects are built to last. His dedication to research and innovation keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

David Milne

David Milne is our resident concrete artisan. With an artistic touch and a deep understanding of concrete’s potential, he brings creativity and innovation to each project. Whether it’s intricate decorative designs or textured surfaces, David’s work adds a unique flair to every project he’s involved in.

David Milne

 We are a closely-knit team, each member bringing a unique skill set and passion to the table. Together, we strive to exceed your expectations on every project. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Contact us today, and let’s turn your concrete dreams into reality.